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US and Canadian Poetry Open Mikes

Open Mics in Santa Monica, CA

Storytelling Audience Spot (music, comedy, poetry)
Selected Sundays at 6pm
2732 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA
One person is chosen from the audience to participate at the show to compete for the chance to participate in the Free Range Free For All and a Bareburger Gift Card


  • Submitted by Mark Turner
  • Last updated: April 9
Host: Michael or Deforest
We welcoome everyone, all talented people are invited. Unurban has been doing open mike poetry and music for 23 years. Now we are all organic on our pastry and many food choices. We have all organic ice blended drinks and all our water is reverse osmosis(R/O water) yum tastier drinks and Food. Grab the ice blended drink and an organic pastry or great organic sandwiched


  • Submitted by unurban
  • Last updated: April 9

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