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US and Canadian Poetry Open Mikes

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What is

Ever been in an unfamiliar city, dying for a place to play tonight? Or at home, new song needing a tryout? Me too. Might be nice to have one comprehensive place to look... so let's build it. is a listing of music open-mike nights in the US or Canada. Anything open (by invitation, sign-up, etc.) to the general public, where live music may be performed, may be included here. is built and maintained by Paul Roub, a singer / songwriter / guitarist who fondly remembers some great open mike nights that led him to all sorts of amazing musicians and friends. Content comes from various sources, most notably from user submissions.

Access to the site is free, period.

If you really love this and want to say "thanks" in a concrete way, add a listing. Or make me extra happy and buy my CD.

How can I add a listing?

Just fill out the form.

Most of our listings come from visitors like yourself. Corrections, updates, cancellation notices, and so on are also very much welcome -- let us know.