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US and Canadian Poetry Open Mikes

Open Mics in Eugene, OR

Host: Rudolf Korv
Great small venue, beer and bar.


  • Submitted by Little T
  • Last updated: April 9
Page 2 Poetry ,Anything goes, all poetry Open mic (music, comedy, poetry)
Selected Tuesdays at 8pm
Cush: Cafe, Gallery, Venue
1235 Railroad Boulevard
Eugene, OR
Host: James Otter Host and Overlord

Every Tuesday for the last two years I have been running

what I and many others consider to be the best Poetry Night ever.

The people are friendly and welcoming.

The Poetry is straight from the heart and soul of many many many different people.

Anything and everything Poetic can happen.

Poetry is the place I never want to leave behind

It is an inspiring event and it gives folks a wave to ride through out the week.

This event is uncensored and anything goes.

Bring your friends,family,neighbors,strangers,lovers anyone

bring em all

and bring some poetry,maybe make it up on the spot.

All is welcome.

Sign up starts at 7:00

the Show starts at 8:00 and Ends at 10:00

There is a very small suggested donation of $1.00- $10.00 dollars.


  • Submitted by James Otter
  • Last updated: April 9

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