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US and Canadian Poetry Open Mikes

User profile: Young 22


hello word. my name is young 22. born darren hanible i got into rap with my mans sean(uh-oh tha kid)about 2years ago. iwasnt good hot or anything i was brainwashed by mainstream rap into believing that money murder cars clothes and hoes was the way. i found wrong. i realized i was faker than bapes at a flea market...or laurel mall. any ways i began to realize what true hip hop is. i realized thats what i had to do. its hard now though because people say stupid things like im tryna be common or lupe or kanye or that i should let the past be the past but hiphop isnt the past hiphop is now and hiphop will be forever. i am one of 2 people in my school thaty actually make real hiphop music. the other is uhoh tha kid. people dont wanna hear the truth because THE TRUTH IS LIKE SUNLIGHT NO ONE CAN LOOK AT IT STRAIGHT ON...but im here to help people look at the truth and realize whats going on. im here to bring a will not die i refuse to let it i will stay true to it until i die. yes i will die before hiphop does. i love people who appreciate my music and understand that im not going soft but that i have a purpose....IM OUT