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US and Canadian Poetry Open Mikes

User profile: Thommy Noodlez


Thom Kaufold AKA Thom Noodlez, father of twin boys. I have entertained for over 18 years. I have been a on and off comedian and have always had an odd way of viewing the world.I have garnered praise through my work on a Las Vegas morning show, And a talk show on XM Satellite Radio. Recognition: In addition to the honor of being named one of radio's "funny people", I have been profiled or featured in an ever-growing list of publications. I have appeared in countless video's. Corporate America and Fortune 500 companies have also taken notice of my talents and marketability.

my humor over the years, I have completed work in metropolitan New York City , Los Angeles, Las Vegas and DC. Early on, I have focused my creativity comedy, working at the most venerable clubs in New York City and up and down the east coast. Having established a strong foundation, I now am exercising my personal growth that is driven by a unique and innovative vision of classic simplicity. I am known for my "No holds barred" sense of humor and my opinions . (Which I has 2 opinions on every topic)