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US and Canadian Poetry Open Mikes

User profile: rob ilyAIMY


My partner Heather and I travel around the country in a vague trapezoid between Maine, Georgia, San Diego and Seattle - and one of the key ways we get to know new people is through open mics. We've played well over 150 or so a year for the last five years and still Love them.

ilyAIMY (ill YAY' mee) has been in its quartet formation for nearly three years, with its newest member, co-front Heather Lloyd, added in 2001. As a duo, Rob Hinkal and Heather Lloyd have been wandering the country since September 1st of 2003, Living off of paper cuts and string cuts and their artwork and music. They survive on luck on fumes on spit on Love. But whether performing as the duo, trio or quartet, ilyAIMY is a high-energy show, with percussive acoustic performances featuring award-winning songwriting and signature male/female harmonies. Rounding out the band are percussionist Rowan Corbett, also of the award-winning neo-Celtic band, Tinsmith, and pianist/bassist Sharif Kellogg.