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Overbearing Rocked the House Accoustically

Posted:16 Jun 2008

In what might be one of the best indoor concerts this year, Overbearing, a young all male group of "bearly" high school students performed to a packed house inside at AfterWords Cafe Sunday afternoon June 15. This normally electric band, unplugged, huddled up and rocked out for two hours. Playing some wonderful original music as well as their take on covering some popular songs by the Who, Dylan, and others. They acted as if playing accoustic was something they do all the time. Great banter with wonderful vocals, their talent will indeed get better, but it is good now.

This band is a must see when they come to your area and from what we hear they will be busy every weekend for months out. See them again on July 12 on the deck at AfterWords. They've talked us into allowing drums but we're holding the line on light accoustic especially since these guys excell at it. They are now featured on the AfterWords Entertainment Network with CDs available for sale. This is a group to watch and they should be around for a least a year or more as some of the guys still need to finish high school. Mothers watch your dauthers!