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US and Canadian Poetry Open Mikes

User profile: Elizabeth-Anne


My name is Elizabeth-Anne, I'll be 16 on the 18th, I love to play/sing folk/folk-rock and country. I play acoustic guitar, mainly rhythm. My entire family, except my oldest brother and my father are musically inclined. Mom plays guitar and sings, like I do, Nik and Joe play electric, Uncle Roger plays electric, Aunt Deedee and Aunt Alicia sing, Uncle John plays piano, my cousin Allie plays guitar and sings, Abe plays mandolin, Steve plays guitar/mandolin and sings. Uncle Eddy used to play guitar before he passed on, Grandpa Young plays guitar and piano, and sings, Grandma Young plays piano, guitar, and sings and Grandpa Arsenault plays guitar, piano, and sings. I play guitar, piano, flute and I sing. My parents recently pulled me out of public school in my sophmore year so I'm now home-schooled. I live in Dresden so there really isn't much going on around this place musically, which means that I have to travel in order to play anywhere. I sometimes write my own stuff, but I really like to play covers. I'm not arrogant or stuck up and I really hate people who are. :0)