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US and Canadian Poetry Open Mikes

User profile: devalan envygreen/invidia 1 finger Diva


Devalan Walker (a.k.a. ENVYGREEN), blessed the world 27 October of 0000. Victory Memorial Hospital of Waukegan , Illinois birthed the first child of Yvette and James walker Jr. who then later birthed three more children, Lil' James, Princess, and Jasmin. Her father was a soldier for the Army for fifteen years. This allowed them to see much of America, and a few foriegn countries. This hints to her personal style and technique.

Her accomplishments up to this point include the birth of two beautiful little girls, Ameera and Yvette Walker.startting her own production company(EVIL DELTOUR PRO.),and lable(ENVY EEE LAYDOWN REC.)Four Mix cd's that she produced. Her new alblum (Lyrics a-proph-fit-I sIn)written,pro.,eng.yes by the only Devalan envygreen. Also she is just as proud of being alive without ever being locked up as well as being who she is. She writes and produces,directs,performs to the full extent of her talent and abilities. But while having these accomplishments, she still has goals she will achieve. Some include producing her own music video, working hand in hand with one the best producers ever, Dr. Dre, and write and/or produces tracks for well known artist. She also has dreams of starring in a action-pack motion picture while managing two record labels.

Devalan could be considered a woman who wears a lot of hats (EGO'S) many say that don't know her. So whats with the color green? She knows but you will never. At all times, there is something green on her body. There's no other given answer to, "Why Green?" But instead of asking about the color green, some individuals talk, hate, or 'envy' Devalan, bringing envy to green. Her mentor,dAVE(s.m.o.k.e)once apon a time took note of this dubbed her EnvyGreen. 1st Lady derives from being the 1st Lady of Draft Pick. Invidia is an ego of hers. This ego was spawned from her love of opera. Evil Deltour Pro., we'll keep that one secret for now.

Inspiration and influence could come the simple things in life. For Devalan, most of hers comes from music. Some of her influence comes from; MAZE, D.J. Cool, Bob Marley,Tech n9ne, Parliment, Boosty Collins, The Isley Brothers, Earth, Wind and Fire, Kenny G., Prince, Milly Ripalton, Dr. Dre and Snoop, early Nas & Jay-Z, George Duke, Nirvana,E-40, Anita Baker and Michelle Ferrell.