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Biography – David Alexander

Doing something you love and striving to do it better is a worthwhile pursuit..

As a singer/songwriter and acoustic guitarist, David Alexander has engaged himself in this pursuit for the past 20 years and counting.

Born in Evanston, Illinois, David moved to a rural town in Pennsylvania where he spent most of his childhood years growing up, living with his parents and Brother John.

At the age of fourteen, David completed his first performance; it was a high school talent show, and in his own summation, he “rocked the house”. Following his performance that evening, David knew he would make music for many years to come. As a young adult, David traveled along the east coast, visiting cities between New York and Florida. It was this traveling that brought inspiration and salvation to his music.

Over the years, David has played with many bands. In the spring of 2006, David decided to form a band of his own, The David Alexander Band. He would team up with Bobby Vieth of Dialects Riddem Nation, multi-platinum producer Andy Kravitz, Scott Young, Berkeley School of Music graduate, and LA Stevenson, legendary saxophone player for James Brown and Percy Sledge.

While living at the New Jersey Shore in the summer of 2007, David Alexander wanted to use his music to make some sort of difference in the community where he had been living that summer. He came up with an idea to have a music concert to raise money for the Children’s Fresh Air Home, a local donation-based organization that brings children from inner-city areas to the seashore for a two week stay. The Fresh Air Festival raised over $3,000.00 for the Children’s Fresh Air Home and featured The David Alexander Band, 3 the Hard Way, and Mystic Rebel. David has been asked to make this an annual event.

David’s unique take on life affects his playing and songwriting style, a style that can be heard throughout his first album “The Journey”, which was released in August of 2007.

When performing by himself, or with his band, David Alexander always leaves the audience asking for more.

David Alexander plans to release a second album from the studio; although, he will continue to perform in 2008, covering such diverse artists as Johnny Cash, Dave Matthews, and Bob Marley, along with songs from his first album.