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US and Canadian Poetry Open Mikes

User profile: BlakkRoyalT


BlakkRoyalT aka Terry Brewer is an up and coming artist/entrepreneur. Born and raised in Texas, he has the sound that is unique among southern rappers. Growing up, he was exposed to all the greats, from Kurtis Blow to L.L Cool J in the Hip~Hop/Rap genre. He penned his first rap in 1985, but was primarily a writer of poetry at that time. When West Coast "gangsta rap" landed on the scene, thats when he began writing raps as a form of expression.He has only been in the industry proper for slightly less than two(2) years and has got the experience needed to start and maintain his career. His diverse background and experience has given him a "West Coast meets Dirty South" type sound that is unique to BlakkRoyalT. He continues to hone and refine his skills as an artist, but is also concentrating on the record label which he helped form in 2004