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US and Canadian Poetry Open Mikes

Open Mics in Trenton, NJ

Host: Qiana the Goddess


A Gathering: Specifically for Light Beams, Empaths, Artsy Folks, and those looking to submerge themselves in Great Healing Vibrations!

I got the incense n candles, just bring your Talent, Crystals (yes crystals), and Good Energy!

This event happens once every last Wednesday of each month! 9:30pm to 1:00am (So mark your calendars ahead of time :p)

We welcome ARTISTS of all skill levels to come, bring their supplies, and Paint/Art LIVE each month! As well as vendors of all types of products (preferably in the lower price range) to come network with the artist community and sell their goods! NO VENDING FEE <3

The Vibe: think Neo Soul, Love Jones. Chill, always Positive and Uplifting. We want you to feel joyful, enlightened, bonded, and safe at every event so please bring that energy only, artists and supporters. No extra vulgar, low vibe art permitted in the space. Qi reserves the right to shut off your mic, so save us the awkwardness and just bring your best most uplifting track(s). (Ask yourself, does this make people feel good?) Corny and uplifting aren't synonymous so come prepared to blow minds and have yours blown!

Admission: Free.99 til further notice! This is event is held in a bar, in a seperate room fyi


If you are organizing a community event or just want to come spread love and support your local artist community please come thru. We'd so LOVE to collab and hear from you. Open invite to muscians, singers, emcees/lyricists, comdians (clean comedy only), performers, visual artists <3 Peace, Love, and Healing to U!


  • Last updated: April 9
Host: NJWeedman
This is a 420 cannabis friendly location


  • Submitted by njweedman
  • Last updated: April 9

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